Identical replica

"Welcome to the factory, I shake you warmly by the hand.."

This is the only true replication that you will fine, of Willy Wonka's cane. 99% of the canes out there, are simple thin walled plastic tubes, with no taper to them. They have smooth surfaces, and are usually filled with Nerds. And they're usually topped off with a strange array of items, not limited to door stoppers, or even chair legs.


This cane features a machined aluminum base & topper, true to the movie. The shaft is also created around a thick walled acrylic tube, pressure cast in a clear resin, to ensure no air bubbles are left behind.


The cane was first sculpted & sanded smooth, with the correct taper, and raised swirl lines. You will not find this feature anywhere else! The sculpt was then molded in silicone, and the finished result is what you see here.


$430 (includes worldwide shipping)


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Willy Wonka cane
full cane
shaft swirls
topper detail
top swirls
shaft detail