Costume Comparisons



Below is a study/guide of most of the individual components of this costume.

Aside from hand matching fabrics, items that I cannot physically hold are best created by duplicating poses and studying what items need adjustment.



The tricorn was made by having hands on access to an actual Depp hat, that was auctioned from Disney. The leather and pattern were matched, and the color as best as possible, with a mix of various dyes.


The headscarf was made by matching the fabric as best as possible, dyeing and hand drawing all of the floral designs on, as detailed as possible. The coins & beads were matched up closely, both in color and shape/scale. Scale was determined my finding elements in a picture, whole dimensions were known exactly. Photos were then scaled to life size, and bead sizes were taken from there.


The shirt was made with a handkerchief linen, with handmade tassels and hand stitched. All measurements taken directly from a screen used shirt.


The waistcoat was also measured from a screen used piece. Linen weight and color were matched as close as possible, through many dye baths, and then aged. Buttons were cast in pewter, from a button of the identical size. Reverse of coat (not pictured) was made in linen, with numerous pinstripes machine stitched into it.


Breeches were also made to be identical, from inside out (including the same inner waistband pattern). Buckles at the base of the legs were cast from an actual screen used pair, and buttons were matched up to those of the stunt pair. Breeches also made from a specially dyed linen.

Belt buckle

Belt buckle was cast directly from a screen used buckle, and aged.


The baldric was sculpted by myself, and cast in pewter, to the exact dimensions of the screen used piece, and aged.


The ring was cast directly from one of the stunt rings, used for filming. The stone appears black, but it is indeed green glass, just as the actual rings.


The cutlass was made exactly like the originals, with painstaking detail. Aged aluminum blade, with brass pommel, ebony grip, and heavily aged steel hilt.


Cast in resin, and painted to look aged.


Made from ebony, just as the original, with measurements taken directly from a copy of the stunt compass. Inner details were sculpted and cast in pewter, with bone inlay work.


The only part of the costume that I did not make. Previous versions were ones I had made, the last pair being perfected. A few months ago, began selling leftover boots that they had been making for the production of the sequels. Even though mine had no problems to them, I decided that buying a pair would be the next best thing to what was worn on screen, since they were 100% exact to what was used. They have since sold out of them, and continue to sell their old style, with the incorrect shade of suede and incorrect sole.

For information on how to make your own boots, I have made a tutorial:

Frock coat

Made from the same multicolored linen raffia weave, and aged. Measurements and buttons were taken directly from a screen used coat, and button hole decor matched as close as possible.




Captain Jack Sparrow
Tricorn Headscarf
Shirt Waistcoat Breeches
Belt buckle Baldric
Ring Cutlass
Flintlock Compass
Boots Frock coat Full Views
Side by sides